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The class built a course blog, which can be accessed here.

Term Paper

The term paper may be on any topic as long as it is approved through discussion with the instructor. The intent is for students to be able to bring their own expertise and interests into the course and apply them to this study of pro wrestling. A wide variety of topics, analytical angles, and writing styles are acceptable if used effectively.

The paper constitutes 30% of a students class grade, and shall be approximately 11-15 pages for undergraduates and 15-20 pages for graduate students.

The term paper assignment consists of several steps; meeting these deadlines is reflected in the overall grade.

  • Pick a topic by Ses #11, and meet with the instructor to discuss it within the next two weeks.
  • Submit a proposal for the paper by Ses #17.
  • Prepare an outline or equivalent writing sample by Ses #23.
  • Meet with the instructor a second time.
  • [Optional] Students may turn in draft versions of the paper for feedback throughout the term if so motivated.
  • The final version of the term paper is due by Ses #39.

Term Paper Examples

These papers are presented courtesy of the students, and used with permission.

"Women’s Roles in Professional Wrestling, Examined through the Lita-Trish Rivalry" by Deirdre Connolly (PDF)

"Wrestling with Body Discourse" by Kate James (PDF)

"Rumble Roses as Erotic Spectacle" by Peter Rauch (PDF)

"Professional Wrestling: The Ultimate Storytelling Device" by Carolina D. Vargas (PDF)


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