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Media Selections

Media Selections

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This page presents the audio and video selections used in this course. Some selections were played during class (particularly the videos), while others were for students to consult prior to or after class sessions.

1Art of NoisesAmazon logo Afrika Bambaata. "Planet Rock." Planet Rock: The Album. Tommy Boy, 1993.

Kraftwerk. "Trans-Europe Express." Trans-Europe Express. Capitol, 1995.

Survey the UbuWeb.

Selections from Dada for Now.

Russolo, Antonio. "Corale and Serenata."

Schwitters, Kurt. "Simultangedicht kaa gee dee / WW / boo / naa / bii bull ree / Obervogelsang / Niesscherzo e Hustenscherzo / Cigarren / The real disuda of the nightmare."
2What is Radical Music?

Noise and Reproducibility
Amazon logo King Tubby. "Silver Bullet." Essential Dub. Metro Music, 2000.

Amazon logo Merzbow. "Woodpecker No. 2." Pulse Demon. Relapse, 1996.

Amazon logo Varese, Edgard. "Poeme electronique." Music of Edgar Varese. Robert Craft. One Way Records, 1996.
Kraftwerk DVD
3Electronic Indeterminacy, Tape Loops: John Cage, Lee Scratch PerryAmazon logo Lee Scratch Perry. "Police and Thieves," and "War in a Babylon." The Best of Lee "Scratch" Perry. Island, 2004.

John Cage: Selections.
Roland TR-808 Documentary

4Sample Culture: RZA, DJ Spooky

Discussion of Collage Culture and Music Concrète

In-class: Show and Tell-bring a Record into Class and Sample a Section to be Included in Your Sound Collage
Mix tape - DJ Spooky.

Amazon logo Wu-Tang Clan. Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). RCA, 1993.

Schaeffer, Pierre. "Solfege de l'objet Sonore."

Too Many DJs (Mash Ups).

M. Singe Pollinator Mix.

Balle Funk Mix. mix (video animation)
5Analogue Synthesis (Guest Speaker: Joe Paradiso)
6Sound Tracking: Spatial and Visual Music

One-bit Synthesis (Guest Speaker: Noah Vawter)
Selections by Pauline Oliveros.

Lucier, Alvin. "Music for Piano with One or More Snare Drums."

Amazon logo Moroder, Giorgio. Metropolis (Soundtrack). Sony, 1990.

Various Remixes of Vangelis's "Metropolis" Soundtrack.
7Radio Training Session
8Lab Session on Computer Music Technique

Beauty of Speed

View: Come to Daddy, Windowlicker, Aphex Twin/Chris Cunningham
Amazon logo Aphex Twin. "Come to Daddy." Come to Daddy EP. Sire, 1997.

Autechre. "Amen."

Classic Jungle: Selections.

Merzbow: Selections.
9Beauty of Speed (cont.)

Surround Systems and Generative Sound
10Field Trip
11Final Project Presentations
12Final Project Presentations (cont.)


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