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Session 1: Radon and Radiation Physics Review

  • Radioactivity and Radiation Review:
    • Alpha, Beta and Gamma Radiation
    • Ions and Ionizing Radiation
  • Radon Characteristics - Uranium 238 Decay Series
  • Radon Decay Products - Radon 222 Decay Sequence
  • Dynamic Equilibrium
  • Equilibrium Ratio
  • Measurement Units:
    • Picocuries Per Liter and Becquerel Per Cubic Meter
    • Working Level and Working Level Month
  • Facts of Radon - An Overview

Session 2: Radon and Geology

  • Radon Geology:
    • Distribution of Uranium and Radon Sources in Rocks and Soils
    • Formation and Movement of Radon in Rocks and Soils
    • Radon Entry From the Soil and the Water System into Buildings
  • Some Examples of Current Radon Research in Rocks and Soils:
    • Emanation of Radon-222 from Soils, Sub Soils and Sedimentary Rocks
    • Transportation Parameters of Radon: Diffusion, Viscous Flow and Type of Soil, Relationship to Indoor Air Quality
    • Characterization of Sources, Range and Environmental Effects of Radon-222 and Its Progeny
    • Soil Radon Gas as a Probe to Map Geological Profiles and Tectonic Discontinuities
    • Correlation Studies of Soil Radon Gas Variation with Seismic Activity in Earthquake Predictions
  • Study Assignments
  • Selection of Student Project - Discussion of Presentation and Report

Session 3: Radon and Radiation Biology

  • Review of Radiation Biology Basics:
    • Introduction
    • Radioactivity and Absorbed Dose - Dosimetry
    • Effects of Radiation on Cell - Primary Site of Damage
    • Target Theory
    • Linear No Threshold Theory
  • Examples of Some Current Research:
    • Current Research on Effects of Low Dose Ionizing Radiation

Session 4: Radon Research in Medicine

  • Introduction
  • Human Cancer from Ionizing Radiation:
    • The Epidemiological Evidence
    • Population Studies: External Radiation Exposure and Ionization by Internal Radiation
  • Some Examples of Radon Research Studies in Medicine:
    • Leukemia:
      • Radon Dose and Ionizing Effects to Red Bone Marrow
    • Water Solubility of Radon:
      • Radon, Fluoride and Multi-element Analysis of Ground Water
      • Radon Concentrations in Open and Bore Well Water
      • Water Radon Contamination in the Human Body
      • Bio-kinetics of Radon from Drinking Water
    • Internal Alpha Radiation and Nephropathy:
      • Internal Alpha Radiation Effects on Kidney and Dysplastic Changes of Internal Alpha Radiation Injury
    • Other Radon Research Studies in Medicine:
      • Biomarkers for Kidney Injury by Alpha Radiation
      • Exposure of Radon and its Progeny to Human Teeth
      • Clinical Effects of Exposure to Radon in Controlled Environment
      • Primary Care Physicians - Environmental History - Public Health Effects: An Italian Survey

Session 5: Student Presentation - Radon Research in Radiation Health Physics and Planetary Science; Summary - Lab Demonstration

  • Introduction
  • Examples of recent radon research in Health Physics:
    • Radon Concentrations in Caves
    • Radon Concentrations in Pyramids
    • Radon Concentrations in Tunnel Drilling
    • Radon Concentrations in Landed Buildings and High Rises
    • Radon Presence on Moon and Mars
  • Radon Research in Multi Disciplines - Summary
  • Students Presentation and Report
  • Laboratory Demonstration


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