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Special software is required to use some of the files in this section: .f, .h, and .m. This section contains documents that could not be made accessible to screen reader software. A "#" symbol is used to denote such documents.

The files listed below are data files and scripts used to complete the assignments. These files can be opened in a Web browser.


Homework 1 (PDF)

For those interested the complete broadcast ephemeris file is base0110.08n (TXT). The GPS interface control document (PDF)# will be useful for this homework. The sub-section of ICD2000 that discusses the broadcast ephemeris is (PDF - 1.7 MB).

Lec #9

Solution (PDF)

Files used: make.gps08.gmt (SH) (csh this script file)

Source code: svlib.f (F)
const_param.h (H)
svtrack.h (H)

Homework 2 (PDF)

This homework covers estimation methods using simple linear regression and GPS-like clock problem.

Lec #13

Solution (PDF)

File used: HW2_2008.m (M)

Homework 3 (PDF)

The data files for this homework are rovr011s.08o (TXT), base0110.08n (TXT), base011s.08o (TXT). The last file is a stationary base station for the option part of the homework. The rovr site is stationary for the first 180 seconds of data.

Lec #20


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