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This course is taught by 3 instructors in 6 parts. The first three parts are taught by Prof. Edward Boyle. The fourth and fifth parts are taught by Prof. Carl Wunsch. The sixth part is taught by Prof. Kerry Emanuel.

Part 1. Paleoclimate (8 lectures)
1The origin of the earth, the atmosphere and life
2The moon and the earth's rotation rate
3The co-evolution of life, ocean and atmospheric chemistry, and sedimentary rocks
4The "Faint Young Sun Paradox" and the geochemical C cycle
5Long-term climate cycles and the proterozoic glaciations ("Snowball Earth")
6Climate on geologic time scales and the CO2-climate connection
7Pleistocene ice age cycles 0-2.65 Ma
8Ice sheet paleoclimatology
Part 2. CO2 and ocean chemistry (4 lectures)
9Natural and fossil fuel CO2 in the ocean I (1 lecture)
10-12Natural and fossil fuel CO2 in the ocean II (3 lectures)
Part 3. Atmospheric chemistry and climate (4 lectures, 2 lectures each topic)
13-14Atmospheric chemistry I
15-16Atmospheric chemistry II
Part 4. Wiggle matching and Milankovitch theory (2 lectures)
17-18Wiggle matching and milankovitch hypotheses
Part 5. Ocean and climate (7 lectures)
19-25Ocean circulation for climate understanding
Part 6. The atmosphere (10 lectures, 2 lectures each topic)
28-29Radiative and convective heat transfer
30-31Moist convection
32-33Water vapor and clouds
34-35Lateral transport of heat and water


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