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Special software is required to use some of the files in this section: .m and .xls.

The solutions were written by Florian Scheuer and are used with permission. Problem set 5 is also courtesy of Hui Shan and used with permission.

Problem set 1 (PDF)(PDF)
Problem set 2 (PDF)


mirrlees.m (M)
motion.m (M)
transversality.m (M)
density.m (M)

Problem set 3 (PDF)

Matlab utility function (TXT)
Matlab production function (TXT)
Matlab value function iteration (TXT)

Problem 1 (XLS)

Problems 2 and 3 (PDF)

Problem 4 MATLAB functions:
pf.m (M)
u.m (M)
w1.m (M)
ramsey_2.m (M)
w00.m (M)

Problem set 4 (PDF)(PDF)
Problem set 5 (PDF)(PDF)


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