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1Course Overview

C++ Tutorial
2Ray Casting 1: Generation and Intersection
3Ray Casting 2: More IntersectionAssignment 0 due
4Transformations 1: Translation, Rotation and ScaleAssignment 1 due
5Transformations 2: In Modeling

Linear Algebra Tutorial
6Ray TracingAssignment 2 due
7Local Illumination
8Acceleration Data StructuresAssignment 3 due

Quiz 1 material ends
9Curves and Surfaces
Quiz 1
10Animation 1: Interpolation and Kinematics
11Animation 2: Orientation and QuaternionsAssignment 4 due
12Animation 3: Dynamics
13Graphics Pipeline 1: Perspective TransformationsAssignment 5 due
14Graphics Pipeline 2: Line Clipping and Rasterization
15Graphics Pipeline 3: Polygon Rasterization
16Graphics Pipeline 4: Polygon Clipping
18Global Illumination: Radiosity
19Monte Carlo Ray Tracing
20Color 1: Color Vision and Color SpacesQuiz 2 material ends
Quiz 2
21Color 2: Color Effects and Production
22Texture Mapping
23Sampling, Aliasing and MIP Mapping


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