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Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes

This page presents notes for some of the lecture sessions.

Part 1: Views on Industrial Ecology
2What is Industrial Ecology?
3Environmental Paradigm(PDF)
4Sustainability: Concepts and Metrics(PDF)
5Resource Economics
6Resource Economics (cont.)
7Resource Econ Group Presentations
Part 2: LCA: Method Basics
8Life-cycle Assessment - Overview(PDF)
9Using the Software
10LCA - Scope(PDF)
11LCA - Inventory(PDF)
12LCA - Inventory Allocation(PDF)
13LCA - Recycling
14Materials Flow Analysis(PDF)
Part 3: Environmental Evaluation and Advanced Methods
15Overview of Case 2
16LCA - Impact Assessment - EPS(PDF)
17LCA - Impact Assessment - EcoPoints(PDF)
18LCA Research
19Case 1 Presentations
Part 4: Aggregate Materials Flows
20National Materials Flows
21Material Flow Case Study
Part 5: Environmental Policy Strategies
22Environmental Policy Making (Part 1)(PDF)
23Environmental Policy Making (Part 2)
24Industrial Ecology Research @ MIT
25Final Presentations


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