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Course Info

  • Course Number / Code:
  • 21F.101 (Spring 2006) 
  • Course Title:
  • Chinese I (Regular) 
  • Course Level:
  • Undergraduate / Graduate 
  • Offered by :
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    Massachusetts, United States  
  • Department:
  • Foreign Languages and Literatures 
  • Course Instructor(s):
  • Julian K. Wheatley 
  • Course Introduction:

  • 21F.101 / 21F.151 Chinese I (Regular)

    Spring 2006

    Course Highlights

    This course features a downloadable textbook in the readings section, as well as several different types of study materials.

    Course Description

    This subject is the first semester of two that form an introduction to modern standard Chinese, commonly called Mandarin. Though not everyone taking this course will be an absolute beginner, the course presupposes no prior background in the language. The purpose of this course is to develop:
    • Basic conversational abilities (pronunciation, fundamental grammatical patterns, common vocabulary, and standard usage)
    • Basic reading and writing skills (in both the traditional character set and the simplified)
    • An understanding of the language learning process so that you are able to continue studying effectively on your own.

    The main text is Wheatley, J. K. Learning Chinese: A Foundation Course in Mandarin. Part I. (unpublished, but available online). (Part II of the book forms the basis of 21F.102 / 152, which is also published on OpenCourseWare.)

    Chinese Sequence on OCW

    OpenCourseWare now offers a complete sequence of four Chinese language courses, covering beginning to intermediate levels of instruction at MIT. They can be used not just as the basis for taught courses, but also for self-instruction and elementary-to-intermediate review.

    The four Chinese subjects provide the following materials: an online textbook in four parts, J. K. Wheatley's Learning Chinese: A Foundation Course in Mandarin; audio files of the main conversational and narrative material in this book; and syllabi and day-by-day schedules for each term. The four course sites also have links to a downloadable tutorial program, called flashCube, which offers a handy package of functions for learning textbook material outside of class.

    Chinese I (Spring 2006)21F.101/151
    Chinese II (Spring 2006)21F.102/152
    Chinese III (Fall 2005)21F.103
    Chinese IV (Spring 2006)21F.104

    Special Features

    Technical Requirements

    Special software is required to use some of the files in this course: .mp3, .zip.


This course content is a redistribution of MIT Open Courses. Access to the course materials is free to all users.

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