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Course Info

  • Course Number / Code:
  • 2.793J (Spring 2007) 
  • Course Title:
  • Fields, Forces and Flows in Biological Systems 
  • Course Level:
  • Undergraduate 
  • Offered by :
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    Massachusetts, United States  
  • Department:
  • Biological Engineering 
  • Course Instructor(s):
  • Prof. Jongyoon Han
    Prof. Scott Manalis 
  • Course Introduction:

  • 20.330J / 2.793J / 6.023J Fields, Forces and Flows in Biological Systems

    Spring 2007

    Course Highlights

    20.330J / 2.793J / 6.023J Fields, Forces and Flows in Biological Systems

    Spring 2007

    A schematic of a cell subject to and producing various forces: hydrodynamic flow, electroosmosis, diffusion, electrophoresis, and chemical reactions.
    Fields, forces, flows and transport are fundamental to understanding the behavior of biological microsystems (bioMEMS). (Figure by Prof. Jongyoon Han.)

    Course Description

    This course introduces the basic driving forces for electric current, fluid flow, and mass transport, plus their application to a variety of biological systems. Basic mathematical and engineering tools will be introduced, in the context of biology and physiology. Various electrokinetic phenomena are also considered as an example of coupled nature of chemical-electro-mechanical driving forces. Applications include transport in biological tissues and across membranes, manipulation of cells and biomolecules, and microfluidics.

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