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Course Info

  • Course Number / Code:
  • 7.68J (Spring 2003) 
  • Course Title:
  • Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology: The Brain and Cognitive Sciences III 
  • Course Level:
  • Graduate 
  • Offered by :
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    Massachusetts, United States  
  • Department:
  • Brain and Cognitive Sciences 
  • Course Instructor(s):
  • Prof. Martha Constantine-Paton
    Prof. Paul A. Garrity
    Prof. Morgan Hwa-Tze Sheng
  • Course Introduction:

  • 9.013J / 7.68J Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology: The Brain and Cognitive Sciences III

    Spring 2003

    Course Highlights

    This course is designed to cover the field of neuroscience from a cellular and molecular level. The site features a comprehensive reading list complete with links to abstracts, and assignments tailored to graduate students to prepare them to be neuroscience researchers.

    Course Description

    Subject covers all major areas of cellular and molecular neurobiology including excitable cells and membranes, ion channels and receptors, synaptic transmission, cell type determination, axon guidance and targeting, neuronal cell biology, synapse formation and plasticity. Includes lectures and exams, and involves presentation and discussion of primary literature. Focus on major concepts and recent advances in experimental neuroscience.

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