For Members / Service Providers: Resources is a social networking site specifically for higher education community. Much of the website contents are contributed by our members like you from the higher education community. If you find some information / resources that you think may be helpful to our higher education community, you may add the information in our "Resource" section on our website. Please note that the quality of our website depends on the quality of the information you post on our website. So please validate the information, and submit relevant and helpful resource information only. Resource listings can be voted up or down and commented by our members.

1. To add new resources in our website, please follow these steps:

1) Login to your account. If you do not have an account yet, please sign up a free account. Make sure your profile information is verifiable. We encourage our members use your school email (.edu) to sign up the account if one is available.

2) After Login, confirm your account (you will see a link on the top). Account confirmation is required for all members who want to post anything on our website. The confirmation code will be emailed to you after you complete the signup process.

3) Go to "Resources" section page, and follow the upper right link "Add Resource".

Resources can be added as:
1) Basic Listing (Free): You can list the resource information under appropriate categories. A website (URL) can be added.

2) Priority Listing (Paid): Priority Resource Listings are listed above Basic listings. URL will be hyperlinked.

3) Featured Listing (Paid): Featured Resource Listings are listed in the top Featured section to get most exposure from our users. URL will be hyperlinked.

If your resources are already listed as a basic list, you can upgrade your list as a Priority or Featured list to get more traffic. Resource listings can be upgraded from "My Resources" page under your account.

2. Banner ads and text links:
If you are a service provider, we can run banner ads or text links for your service in our site network or specific sections / pages. Please contact us for more details.

3. Other advertising opportunities:
If you have any questions or proposals to better market your service in other formats such as opt-in email marketing, etc., please contact us

For any inquires or information about advertising, please contact our sales team

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