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  • Physiology

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  • 2215 Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building
    Department of Physiology
    Michigan State University (MSU)
    East Lansing, MI 48824
    United States
    Phone: 517-355-6475 ext 1115

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  • Masters, Doctorate

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  • On-campus
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  • Graduate Studies in Physiology and Biomedical Sciences
    Among biomedical scientists, physiologists are uniquely positioned to span the gulf between scientists investigating the most fundamental aspects of biology and those interested in the more practical or applied problems in human and animal health. Because of this perspective, physiologists are sought after as university, pharmaceutical, and government researchers; professors and teachers; and consultants in an increasingly health-conscious world. As symbolized by our departmental logo: "From Molecules to Man", modern physiologists investigate the entire array of biological processes from the biochemical organization of the genome to the processing of complex information into memory engrams by the brain. Physiologists examine the means by which this vast array of molecular and cellular events successfully integrates to constitute the phenomenon of human existence. In addition, physiologists examine how dysfunctions in molecular and cellular events lead to diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

    As an instrumental component of the MSU Chronic Disease Initiative, the Physiology Department has focused its research efforts in three broad areas:

    - Cancer Biology and Metabolic Regulation
    - Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Renal and Muscle Physiology
    - Neurophysiology, Neuronal Structure, Growth and Development

    Our faculty and students use a wide variety of modern technologies in their research endeavors, including magnetic resonance imaging, molecular biology, transgenic and knockout mice, laser scanning microscopy, and cell and organ culture. In support of these research efforts, our faculty have received several Merit Awards from the National Institute of Health and individual awards from the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, National Aeronautic and Space Administration, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation-International, Arthritis Foundation, and Department of Defense-Army, as well as NIH Fogarty Foundation Sr. International Fellowships.

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