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  • Graduate Field of Horticulture

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  • 134A Plant Sciences Bldg
    Department of Horticulture
    Cornell University
    Ithaca, NY 14853
    United States
    Phone: 607-255-4568 / 1789

  • Degrees Granted:
  • Masters, Doctorate

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  • On-campus, Online
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  • Description:
  • The Graduate Field of Horticulture consists of two subjects, The Graduate Field of Horticulture consists of two subjects, each with two concentrations:

    Horticultural Crop and Landscape Management
    - Breeding of Horticultural Crops
    - Horticultural Crop Management Systems

    Horticultural Biology
    - Physiology and Ecology of Horticultural Crops
    - Human-Plant Interactions

    Although emphasis is on horticultural plants and systems commonly found in areas of temperate climate, graduate study on species and cropping systems of tropical areas is also possible by using our extensive greenhouse and growth chamber facilities, and through thesis research in tropical areas.

    In addition to their major field of study, students will select minor field(s) of study from such areas as plant physiology, pathology, anatomy, ecology, biochemistry, botany, entomology, taxonomy, genetics, education, soils, economics, communication, biological and environmental engineering, and landscape architecture. All students are encouraged to gain experience in academic instruction or Cooperative Extension programming

  • Admission Information:
  • How can I apply?
    You can fill out your application online.

    Do I need to send multiple copies of my transcript or any other document?
    No, you don't, we'll make copies here if we have to.

    Is it sufficient for my recommenders to simply return the recommendation form without a letter?
    No it is not sufficient. A letter should accompany the form. However, we will accept a letter or recommendation without the form itself.

    Will you accept my CV or any other supporting documents you don't require but might help my application?
    Yes, we will be glad to accept your cv. Other supporting documents may also be included provided they are applicable.

    Is the TOEFL score really required in my case?
    TOEFL scores are a requirement by the Graduate School (not just by the field) for all international students. Please check the TOEFL Guidelines for clarification.

    Do I really need to take the GRE's?
    Yes, GRE scores are required. In exceptional circumstances - and if your proposed degree program is not going to have much of a research component - you may request to waive the GRE requirement by sending an email to the graduate field assistant.

  • Financial Aids:
  • A limited number of research and teaching assistantships are available on a highly competitive basis.

    Graduate students in horticulture are usually supported by scholarships from diverse sources. These scholarships generally include year-round monthly living stipends, full coverage for academic tuition and fees, and a group-health insurance policy for the student.

    Exceptionally qualified applicants for Ph.D. programs may receive Cornell University Fellowships or National Science Foundation scholarships for one or more years of their graduate programs. Other sources of financial support available for students include:

    Graduate Research Assistantships that provide full support in compensation for 10-15 hours per week of assistance in horticulture faculty research programs.
    Partial or full support from grants received by individual faculty, requiring student participation in research within the scope of the funding grant.
    Biology Program Teaching Assistantships that provide full support in compensation for 15-20 hours per week teaching sections of introductory biology courses.
    Scholarships from other sources such as the Fulbright Program or Rockefeller Foundation, and various governmental scholarships from the native countries of international students.
    Cornell Assistantship for Horticulture in Africa (CAHA) provides a doctoral assistantship in the Graduate Field of Horticulture to a student from Sub-Saharan Africa. Application deadline: February 15.

    William Frederick Dreer Scholarship provides a worthy undergraduate or graduate student, specializing in the Department of Horticulture or Landscape Architecture, with an opportunity to study or engage in directed practice related to the field of floriculture and ornamental horticulture abroad. Scholarship, character, maturity, seriousness of purpose and potential are considered. William F. Dreer was an innovative seeds man from Philadelphia. Read more about the Dreer Scholarship.

    Whatever the funding source, continuance of graduate scholarships is contingent upon satisfactory performance and progress in each student’s academic coursework, research, and thesis or dissertation completion. Most scholarships also require that graduate students be engaged full time in their research projects during the summer months and inter-semester recess.

    Students on Cornell Assistantships are eligible for two weeks of vacation.

    The Department of Horticulture has some funds to support travel to professional meetings. Student eligibility for these funds is contingent upon a supporting letter from the major professor among other factors.

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