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  • Online Education Vs. Campus Education - Is One Better Than The Other?
  • Online Education Vs. Campus Education - Is One Better Than The Other?
    By Staff Writer

    Over the last decade or so, there has been an increase in the preference for online education over the traditional campus based education, which used to be the only recognized way to get an education earlier. Both have distinct advantages depending on what your needs are.

    What Do The Two Involve?

    Campus education, which is the conventional mode, comprises an institution that would be a school, college or university and the students that attend it. There is a specific pattern of syllabi and evaluation, with classroom education as a mandatory part of the system. In online education, there is no real classroom. This distance learning system is virtual and all interaction is over the Internet. Students and teachers connect via a website, instant messenger etc. Online education is not restricted by geographical or time limitations, which means no matter where you are, you have access to the institution you want. Also there is twenty-four hour support and a wide range of courses to choose from, as compared with the campus education system.

    The Benefits Of Both

    One of the biggest benefits of campus education is the face-to-face interaction you get with your tutors. All this plays an important role in shaping the personality. On the other hand, the advantage with online education is that it is instantly accessible to all. With campus education, it is not just the academics. It makes a big difference to belong to a fraternity, participate in extracurricular activities together and interact with each other. Online education can be fun, challenging and offer time-flexibility for those who have busy lifestyles and have to work while they study.

    The Choice Is Yours

    As we said earlier, while you cannot say one is better than the other, both have their pros and cons. It is for you to decide which one suits your situation better.

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