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  • Delaware State University Career Services
  • Career Services is excited to have the opportunity to assist you in realizing your full potential, interests, abilities, and academic experiences. Such a realization is essential in the process of selecting the career opportunity which best fits your occupational goals and provides you with personal growth and professional development.

    We offer opportunities for you to gain marketable experience to prepare you to manage your career pre- and post-graduation. The Career Services staff encourages all students to come in for career coaching as a part of planning your career choice and marketing your talents. Please contact our office any time to talk to one of our staff members. Appointments can be scheduled for Monday through Friday, 2:00pm – 4:00pm; walk-in assistance limited during those times. We are located in Grossley Hall, Room 209.

    Federal Jobs

    Federal jobs can provide great opportunities with good benefits packages, strong job security and opportunities to transfer to other jobs within the federal system. Below are some articles on finding and getting a position with the federal government.

    Career Coaching

    Many students enter college with questions about how to explore and select a major. Even those who have declared their major often face a dilemma when they need to find a career direction. Our Career Coaches help students navigate their way through this important decision making process and test their career choices.

    Professional Development

    Professional development is deciding what type of job you want, determine the skill level and behavior needed to perform the essential tasks and work in a team environment, and discovering and planning ways to get those skills. Professional development also includes lifelong learning and reinvesting in marketable skills to keep you employable. You become an entrepreneur of your own future! Click here to learn more about establishing marketable talent and increasing your net worth!

    On-Campus Recruiting

    The on-campus recruitment program is one of the most significant ways in which organizations are exposed to Delaware State University students. Interviews may be scheduled on-campus for internships, cooperative education, full-time employment, military, or graduate school recruitment needs.

    On-campus recruitment begins October 1st and ends in April 30th each academic year. Interview dates and times will be posted on the events calendar in NACElink™. Log on to view employer profiles, job descriptions, job vacancies, to post your resume, and/or sign up for on-campus interviews. Sign in with the initial password hornets, build your own profile and begin exploring career options that best fits your goals!

    Computerized Career Services Systems

    Career Services invites students to use the computerized career information software for career planning activities, job search/ employer listings, skill inventorying and career exploration. A list of the systems can be found at Career Services On-line Resources.

    Cooperative Education

    Cooperative Education (Co-op) is a program in which students combine formal academic study with periods of practical work experience in business, industry, government, or service organization. Students participating in the Co-op program receive academic credit from the University and are paid by the employer for experience gained on the job. For employers, Cooperative Education produces an opportunity to observe prospective future employees and influences the direction of higher education. Contact rroberts@desu.edu for questions or feedback.

    Career Exploration Day

    Career Exploration Day is designed for employers to share career options within their organizations with Delaware State University collegians so that students may best prepare themselves to be marketable, exceed employer expectations and to efficiently transition from the classroom to the formal occupational setting. Students can explore career options, conduct employer information interviews, and be hired for internships, cooperative education, permanent positions, or research opportunities. This event is open to all major of all academic levels (freshmen through graduate students). Click here for more information.

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