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  • Counseling and Psychological Services

    The Mission of Counseling and Psychological Services is to support and promote the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual health and wellness of students, staff and faculty of Eastern Washington University. To this end, CAPS provides individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, and outreach programming for university students, along with consultation services for the entire campus community.

    Most students experience rapid personal and social growth during their college years. While they learn in the classroom, students also develop new relationships, clarify values, learn to manage stress, make important academic and career decisions, and set life goals. Sometimes individuals encounter situations that become barriers, preventing them from fully realizing potentials and goals. Perhaps they have made some poor choices, or unattainable goals have been placed upon them. Often persons experience problems in relation to others, such as new roommates, friends, parents, and professors. And, sometimes students simply feel the pressures of life weighing upon them, in a time of changing values, interests, and new ideas.

    During times like these, it often helps to share such concerns with another person. Counseling can help individuals learn to make better decisions, enhance their interpersonal skills, develop increased confidence, and acquire a keener awareness and appreciation of their needs, as well as the needs of others. In this way, a person may gain new perspectives, which often leads to further personal, interpersonal, and intellectual growth.

    Eastern students consider entering counseling for many reasons. Some of the most common concerns include: feelings of depression and anxiety, problems with roommates or other interpersonal relationships, career indecision, family concerns, sexual questions, difficulty managing alcohol or drug use, victimization, and uncertainties about personal values and beliefs.

    CAPS is not a place that hands out pat answers or ready-made solutions. Rather, it is a place where an individual can discuss concerns in a comfortable and confidential setting, and work out a plan to address them. This may involve individual or group counseling, and/or referral to other campus units and resources.

    Counseling and Psychological Services' staff are committed to promoting inclusion, and the affirmation of diversity in its broadest sense. We strive to provide respectful treatment to people of every background who work, train, and use CAPS services. Our staff contribute to the profession and embrace the richness brought by the intersections of gender, ethnicity, race, sexual/affectional orientation, age, physical attributes, as well as other personal and social characteristics that comprise individual identity.

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