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    "We do not learn for school, but for life: Non Scholae Sed Vitae Discimus".


    The directors, staff, and peer tutors of the Academic Resource Center at Bainbridge College, provide academic support, leadership, and mentoring to encourage students to develop critical thinking skills and adopt patterns of behavior which will help them achieve their educational goals. Students receive support to meet personal academic challenges and to practice goal setting. Specifically, students are encouraged to embrace values, which inspire a love of learning, to utilize self-motivation to achieve academically, to develop intellectual connections through collaborative learning, and to use technologically-assisted instruction as learning interventions. Students are also supported by an institutional learning culture, which encourages students to learn outside the classroom, and uses well-trained peer tutoring techniques that promote one-to-one teaching.


    • Learning is central to the enterprise of the ARC. Learning in and of itself is of significant value to every citizen and collaborative learning and technologically assisted learning are viewed as valuable tools for student success
    • Self-motivation, with its attendant goal setting and acceptance of personal challenges, is the foundation of the successes that clients of the ARC experience
    • Nurturing the dignity of every student means expecting the best any student can offer, expecting each student to work in his/her best interest, expecting the student to succeed and expecting excellence
    • The Academic Resource Center’s "learning culture" supports the following activities:
      • Engaging students to learn outside the classroom
      • Encouraging students to question and evaluate what they know
      • Challenging students to take intellectual risks
      • Providing well-trained peer tutors 
      • Being accessible to all students
      • Mandating the ongoing evaluation of learning, tutoring and programming effectiveness

    "Prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer."
    - Ernest Holmes


    • Facilitate and Support learning by:
      • Providing a place for self-paced learning;
      • Creating a space where trained peers tutor students;
      • Designing a space for faculty and student directed study groups;
      • Recognizing the various learning styles of students and offering alternative learning tools such as computers, videos, and tapes to augment lecture notes and more traditional study techniques
      • Facilitating the spirit of cooperative and collaborative learning among students

    • Serve Arts & Sciences, Technical Studies, and Learning Support students by:
      • Contacting all divisions and acquiring current texts
      • Ascertaining that software is current and available
      • Providing tutoring by reserved (standing) or walk-in appointments

    • Increase retention of students
    • Increase GPA of students who attend regular tutoring sessions
    • Provide a place for professors to refer students who need assistance with basic math and English skills
    • Provide seminars for repeat  Regents Reading & Essay participants
    • Explain and model the academic culture for incoming students
    • Be a catalyst among students for teaching and learning effectiveness through a systematic sharing of effective learning ideas
    • Encourage higher levels of personal academic expectations
    • Generate excitement among faculty and students about the act of teaching and learning

    References: Spence, CC. (1996, Nov-Dec). Community College Journal, pp 27

    Hours of Operation

    Monday- Thursday

    7:00 am - 7:00 pm


    7:00 am - 12:00pm By Appointment Only

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