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  • Advice on Choosing a Successful Post-doctoral Position
  • Choosing the right post-doctoral position can be one of the most important decisions of a scientist’s professional life. But some post-docs are unhappily surprised to discover that their chosen lab seems to be totally different when they arrive than it did the day they interviewed. How can a prospective post-doc make a solid choice that is good for her or him and good for the lab?

    This is a vital question, as the choice will dictate a good part of the rest of the post-doc’s professional (and personal) life – not just the four years or so during which s/he will be in the lab. The way that the PI deals with challenges and opportunities will influence enormously the traits and style that the post-doc internalizes and employs when it becomes his or her turn to lead. It is best to aim for both a role model whose style one can respect and wish to emulate, and a situation that combines good leadership with good science.

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