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  • Fairmont State University Counseling Services
  • The mission of the Counseling Center is to assist students to define and accomplish personal and academic goals. During this process, a crisis may occur to temporarily derail the student from accomplishing their goals of personal development and higher education. Student crises may include but are not limited to serious injury or illness, suicide attempt or desire, death or serious injury/illness of a family member or friend, a relationship crisis, loss of financial support, academic status change, or the death of the student. In such situations, our priority is to support and assist the student in the resolution of their particular crisis or, in the case of student death, support and assist the student's family with immediate professional attention. Every effort will be made to ameliorate the crisis or condition to the best interests of the student and to help them adjust to the changes this crisis may present. This Student Crisis Coordination Protocol has been developed, and periodically amended over time, to provide counseling staff and others with guidance in responding to student crises. Use of the Protocol also ensures that appropriate individuals and offices are informed and/or involved consistent with professional guidelines, including those on confidentiality, outlined in the CAS Standards and Guidelines for Counseling Services.

    The counselors in Student Services offer professional assistance with personal problems, problems of social relationships and the understanding of oneself and others. The staff consists of professionals trained in clinical practice and counseling that are experienced in dealing with the problems of college students.

    These services are not just for people with problems or people who have difficulties adjusting to college life. All students often find significant benefit in counseling as a means of increasing self awareness, maximizing potential and making the college experience more productive and meaningful.

    Contacts with the Counseling Center are held in strict confidence. Appointments can be made by telephone, (304)367-4792 or in person with Kat Stevens or Michael Belmear, located in the Turley Center, Rooms 308 and 305, respectively.

    It has been our experience in the past that students, their friends, and parents will be involved in a crisis of some sort, perhaps serious injury, accidental death, suicide, or some other unfortunate incident.

    The Student Services is available to assist you at any time, day or night, in dealing with these crises and their aftermath. We want to assure all students that we stand ready to work with you as well as your parents who may be affected.

    When you are either affected or refer someone to us, we will see or talk to you, either immediately or as soon as possible.

    If you are involved in any type of crisis or you become aware of another student involved in a crisis, please feel free to contact Kat Stevens at (304) 367-4792, or come to Room 306 Colebank Hall.

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