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  • University Health Center

    The Health Center is located on the west side of the first floor of the Tine Davis Gym on the Montgomery campus and provides a Registered Nurse (RN) to assist students with basic health care needs. The University Health Center provides these services free to all students.

    Health Services
    The RN provides the following services (pursuant to the Alabama Board of Nursing: Nursing Practice Act 610-X-6-.03):

    • Nursing care and patient counseling
    • Health promotion and well-being services such as blood pressure checks and temperature checks.
    • Basic treatment of minor cuts, minor sprains, flu, cold, and other minor illnesses.
    • Referrals and assistance in making appointments with a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant or other healthcare provider for other treatments and care. Note: All fees associated with these providers or services are the sole responsibility of the student.
    • Referrals and assistance in making appointments with a health care center, facility, or hospital for other treatments and care. Note: All fees associated with these providers or services are the sole responsibility of the student. 
    • Medical regimens including administering medications and treatments prescribed by a licensed or otherwise legally authorized prescriber. Note: All expenses associated with these medications are the sole responsibility of the student.

    The University Health Center’s operating hours are 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday during fall and spring semesters. Students are seen on a first-come basis unless more immediate care is needed. On the Montgomery campus, the nurse will make on-campus housing visits when necessary, but students should make an effort to go to the Health Center. Faulkner recommends that all students identify, contact, and secure a local healthcare provider covered by the student’s insurance prior to registration. For the Montgomery campus, several area healthcare providers have agreed to accept Faulkner students as patients if needed. For all campuses referrals to area emergency rooms will be made if the need arises.

    Students with Health Conditions
    All students who have health conditions such as allergies, diabetes or high blood pressure or other chronic health conditions are strongly urged to obtain and wear a medical identification-warning bracelet. In addition, all students who take prescribed medication for chronic health conditions are strongly urged to obtain and a wear medical identification-warning bracelet.

    Health Records Confidentiality and HIPAA
    The Faulkner University Health Center (“Facility,” “we” or “us”) is required under the federal health care privacy rules (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act—HIPAA, the "Privacy Rules"), to protect the privacy of patient health information, which includes information about patient health history, symptoms, test results, diagnoses, treatment, and claims and payment history (collectively known as Protected Health Information, “PHI”). We are also required to provide patients with this Privacy Notice regarding our legal duties, policies and procedures to protect and maintain the privacy of patient PHI. We are required to follow the terms of this Privacy Notice unless (and until) it is revised. We reserve the right to change the terms of this Privacy Notice and to make the new notice provisions effective for the Health Information that we maintain and use, as well as for any Health Information that we may receive in the future. Should the terms of this Privacy Notice change, we will make a revised copy of the notice available to patients. Revised Privacy Notices will be available at our Facility for individuals to take with them, and we will post a copy of revised Privacy Notices in a prominent location in our Facility. This Privacy Notice will also be posted and made available electronically on our web site. Students may contact the University Health Center for more information about Privacy Rules. Appendix L and M contains the current Privacy Notice.

    Medical/Health Insurance Coverage
    Faulkner University cannot be responsible for students’ healthrelated charges. Students are strongly urged to have medical, accident, hospitalization and health insurance from a reputable provider. Student athletes are fully responsible for obtaining health insurance prior to participation in any sport related activity and must sign an indemnity waiver releasing Faulkner University from the incursion of penalties or liabilities. International students or student from outside the United States are fully responsible for obtaining health insurance prior to beginning coursework at Faulkner. Information is available for a health insurance program through Frontline Insurance Group at time of registration, or you may visit http://www.frontlineinsurance.com/ for information.

    Absences Due to Illness or Injury
    The verification of an illness or injury that prevented a student from attending class or Chapel must be provided to the course faculty (for classes) or the Dean of Students (for Chapel). The absences cannot be considered for excused nor can students be allowed to make-up coursework, examinations, or other assignments without this written verification. A student may request the Nurse to provide written verification of an illness or injury when a student misses class or chapel. The Nurse will only issue the verification after the student has visited the Health Center or received a campus-housing visit from the Nurse. A student may also obtain written verification of and illness or injury from a healthcare provider that specifies the date seen and the date for returning to work/school.
    In all cases, the injury or illness causing the absence must be reported on the same day of occurrence. If the injury or illness occurs on a weekend or after hours, the report should be made the next business morning. This excuse does not excuse a student from chapel. Please see the chapel attendance policy.

    Mandatory Medical Withdrawal of Students
    Faulkner University reserves the right to require a student withdraw for medical reasons when their physical, emotional, mental or behavioral state is jeopardized by the student’s continued enrollment, poses a risk to others, or impedes the normal programs or activities of the University. The appropriate University administrator may implement the immediate temporary withdrawal of a student for medical reasons. The University administration will conduct a review of the temporary withdrawal, the circumstances of the withdrawal and the student’s physical, emotional, mental and/or behavioral health to determine further University actions or conditions for reinstatement of the student. Except in emergencies, adequate advance notice must be given to the student that he or she may be subject to mandatory withdrawal from the University.

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