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  • Felician College Academic Advising
  • Academic Advising at Felician College
    Every student at Felician College is assigned an academic advisor to ensure his or her success.

    Your academic advisor will:
    help you with your academic planning,
    assist you in understanding the various academic programs available at the College
    guide you through course selection and registration each semester
    help you choose the right courses for your major in a sequence that benefits you.

    After your freshman year at Felician College, you will be assigned an advisor based on your field of study. For instance, if you are a business major your advisor will be a faculty member in the business division. This faculty member will remain your advisor until you graduate, unless you change your major. For example, if you change your major to criminal justice, you will be assigned a criminal justice faculty member as an advisor. This allows you and your advisor to really get to know each other and provides you with continuity and a faculty advisor who will truly be able to understand and support your needs and goals.

    During your freshman year, you will be enrolled in our Freshman Year Experience Program (FYE). This program provides you with a structured course that helps you acclimate to college life. You are assigned to a Freshman Year Experience group based on your academic major. The course is taught by a faculty member in your academic program and this faculty member will serve as your academic advisor for your freshman year.

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