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  • Emporia State University Counseling Center
  • The staff of the Counseling Center are here to help you maintain a balanced and healthy life and succeed at ESU. Our range of services include counseling, art therapy, drug and alcohol prevention and referral, information and programs of interest to women and men, sexual assault prevention, and stress and anxiety management through biofeedback training.


         With final exams fast approaching, stress levels can reach their peak.  The following tips can help you in managing the stress associated with finals:

    1.  Start NOW!  Start getting organized by planning for your finals, setting study times, etc.  Begin organizing lecture notes and reviewing for those comprehensive finals.

    2.  Maintain a normal routine.  Part of the stress with finals week is that your normal routine is disrupted.  Try to maintain your normal routine around sleep, meals, exercise, etc. Some semblance of normalcy will be comforting and help reduce stress.

    3.  Practice good self-care.  Keeping your body maintained and well-fueled will energize your mind and help reduce physical symptoms of stress.  Get plenty of sleep, eat healthy and avoid drugs and alcohol.

    4.  Don't "catastrophize".  Avoid negative self-talk and turn the negative things you tell yourself into more positive ones, such as "I am well-prepared, I can handle this exam," etc.

    5. Practice relaxation before and during your test.  Deep breathing, stretching and visualization can all be done immediately before or even during your exam and help reduce physical symptoms of stress.

    6.  Don't panic!  If you don't know an answer, take a moment to relax and think.  If you still don't know it, rely upon common sense and good test-taking strategies to help you come up with the right answer. 

         Keeping some of these ideas in mind may help get you through some tough spots during your finals. 

         For more information regarding stress, check out our Biofeedback Services in the Counseling Center, 211 South Morse Hall.  You will also find some valluable information by checking our Self-Help web page.



    Online Screening is available by clicking here

         We invite you to the online screening for depression.  This free screening is available for all ESU students and is taken anonymously.  The screening is provided so that you may find out, in a few minutes, whether or not professional consultation would be helpful to you.

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