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The calendar below provides information on the course's lecture (L) and exam (E) sessions.

I. Tissue Environment of the Implanted Biomaterial: Unit Cell Processes
L1Survey of Clinical Cases of Biomaterials-Tissue Interactions
L2Tissue Structures, Unit Cell Processes, and IntegrinsHomework 1 due
L3Unit Cell Processes Comprising the Healing Response
L4Irreversible Healing Behavior of the Extracellular Matrix (ECM) of OrgansHomework 2 due
L5Biochemistry of the ECMHomework 3 due
L6Scaffolds Based on ECM Analogs Used in Organ Synthesis
L7Organ Replacement by Induced Regeneration and Tissue Engineering
L8Principles and Practice of Tissue EngineeringHomework 4 due
E1Quiz 1
II. Physicochemical Interactions at the Surface of Biomaterials and Signaling within Tissue
L9Characteristics of the Surfaces of Biomaterials
L10Methodology for the Analysis of Surfaces
L11Physicochemical Principles of Protein Adsorption on Solid SurfacesHomework 5 due
L12Protein/Cell/Tissue-Biomaterials InteractionsHomework 6 due
L13Linear vs. Cooperative Cell-Matrix InteractionsHomework 7 due
L14Cell-Matrix Interactions During Spontaneous Healing
L15Contraction-Blocking Theory of Regeneration in Adults
E2Quiz 2
III. In Vivo and Clinical Case Studies
L16Joints and Dental Tissues: Prosthetic Replacement
L17Joints and Dental Tissues: Regeneration 1
L18Joints and Dental Tissues: Regeneration 2
L19Epithelialization (Epidermal Regeneration) and Endothelialization of Vascular Prostheses
L20Rules for Synthesis of Tissues and Organs
L21In Vivo Synthesis of SkinHomework 8 due
L22In Vivo Synthesis of Peripheral Nerves
L23In Vivo Synthesis of the Conjunctiva and of Kidney Tissue
E3Quiz 3


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