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1Decision analysis I - Kendall crab and Lobster case
2Decision analysis II - Graphic corporation caseCase write-up due
3Discrete probability distributions
4Continuous probability distributionsHomework 1 due
5The normal distribution
6Simulation I – Gentle lentil caseHomework 2 due
7Simulation II – Ontario gateway caseCase write-up due
8Statistical sampling I
9Statistical sampling IIHomework 3 due
10Regression models I
11Regression models II
12Regression illustrated

Homework 4 due

Case write-up due after six days

13Introduction to linear optimization
14Optimization model solutions and analysisHomework 5 due
15Filatoi Riuniti case

Homework 6 due

Case write-up due

16Nonlinear optimization models
17Endurance investors case

Case write-up due

18Discrete optimization models
19International industries caseHomework 7 due
20Summary and look-ahead
Final exam review
Final exam


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