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Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes

Special software is required to use some of the files in this section: .xls.

1Course Introduction (PDF)

The other part of this lecture, "Evolution of Manufacturing", was based on this paper:

Jaikumar, Ramchandran. From Filing and Fitting to Flexible Manufacturing: A Study in the Evolution of Process Control. Boston, MA: Division of Research, Graduate School of Business Administration, Harvard University, 1988. Working Paper No.88-045.

Module I - Operations Analysis
2Operations Analysis - Service Operations (PDF)
3Operations Analysis - Job Shop Operations (PDF)
4Operations Analysis - Product and Process Matching (PDF)
5Operations Analysis - Queuing Systems (PDF)

Guest Lecture (PDF) - Presentation courtesy of Thomas Stallkamp, the CEO of MSX International. Used with permission.

Courtesy of Thomas T. Stallkamp, MSX International. Used with permission.(Note that any subsequent use or redistribution of the slides must include the MSX International logo and attribution to the company.)

7Operations Analysis - Continuous Flow Processes (PDF)
8Coordination and Planning - Reengineering
9Operations Analysis - Managing Queues (PDF)
10Forecasting Techniques (PDF)

Forecasting Examples (XLS)
Module II - Coordination and Planning
11Coordination and Planning - Inventory Policy, EOQ Model and Newsvendor Problem (PDF - 1.2 MB)

Inventory Problems (PDF)
12Operations Analysis - Management of Constraints
13Coordination and Planning - Enterprise Resource Planning (PDF)
14Coordination and Planning- Just-in-Time Manufacturing (PDF)
Module III - Quality Management
15Quality Management - Taguchi Techniques (PDF)
16Quality Management - Quality Tools and Philosophies (PDF)
Module IV - Project Management

Project Management - PERT/CPM and Product Launch (PDF)

Sega Case (PDF)

18Project Management as a Competitive Tool (PDF)
19Managing Development Projects: The Design Structure Matrix (PDF) - Presentation courtesy of Thomas A. Roemer and Steven Eppinger. Used with permission.
Module V - Logistics and Supply Chain Management
20Supply Chain Management - Inventory Positioning
21Supply Chain Management - Technology Supply Chains (Prof. Charles Fine)

Supply Chain Management - Customer Service, Rapid Response and Supply Chain Management (PDF)

Obermeyer Case (PDF)

23Supply Chain Management - Logistics Systems Design (Prof. Don Rosenfield)
24Supply Chain Management - Coordinating Supply Chain Companies (PDF)
25Review of Class and Wrap Up (PDF)

Southwest Airlines Presentation (PDF) - Presentation courtesy of Aimee Henkle, Christine Lindsey, and Michelle Bernson. Used with permission.


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