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1Course Introduction
Module I - Operations Analysis
2Operations Analysis - Service Operations
3Operations Analysis - Job Shop Operations
4Operations Analysis - Product and Process Matching
5Operations Analysis - Queuing Systems
6Guest Lecture Video (A video of Thomas Stallkamp, the CEO of MSX International, taped earlier in the year in the LFM class)
7Operations Analysis - Continuous Flow Processes
8Coordination and Planning - Re-engineering
9Operations Analysis - Managing QueuesFirst Case Write-Up Due
10Forecasting Techniques
Module II - Coordination and Planning
11Coordination and Planning - Inventory Policy, EOQ Model and Newsvendor ProblemHomework 1 Due
12Operations Analysis - Management of Constraints
13Coordination and Planning - Enterprise Resource PlanningHomework 2 Due
14Coordination and Planning- Just-in-Time Manufacturing
Module III - Quality Management
15Quality Management - Taguchi Techniques
16Quality Management - Quality Tools and Philosophies
Module IV - Project Management
17Project Management - PERT/CPM and Product Launch
18Project Management as a Competitive Tool
19Managing Development Projects: The Design Structure MatrixHomework 3 Due
Module V - Logistics and Supply Chain Management
20Supply Chain Management - Inventory Positioning
21Supply Chain Management - Technology Supply Chains (Prof. Charles Fine)
22Supply Chain Management - Customer Service, Rapid Response and Supply Chain ManagementSecond Case Write-Up Due
23Supply Chain Management - Logistics Systems Design (Prof. Don Rosenfield)
24Supply Chain Management - Coordinating Supply Chain Companies
25Review of Class and Wrap Up


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