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The work below is presented courtesy of the students, and is used with permission.

Three-page Close Reading

A reading of Henry V, by Neal Grigsby. (PDF)

"A Meditation on Meditation: A Close Reading of Olivier's Cough." by Sam Ford. (PDF)

"Images of Womanhood in Shakespeare's Othello: Emilia as Feminist." by Evan Wendel. (PDF)

Three-page Annotated Bibliography

Audio Books, by Neal Grigsby. (PDF)

One-page Comparative Essay Precis

"Gallery Talk: Christian Jankowski." by Karen Verschooren. (PDF)

Ten-page Comparative Close Analysis Essay

"Two Worlds: Aspects of Shelley's Frankenstein in Miller's Capote ." by Sam Ford. (PDF)

"Between Enlightenment and Self-Destruction: The Sublime Landscape in Frankenstein and Moby Dick ." by Neal Grigsby. (PDF)

"William Kentridge: Complexity and Intimacy." by Karen Verschooren. (PDF - 1.9 MB)

"The Last Laugh: Comedy and Gender in Howard Hawks' His Girl Friday ." by Huma Yusuf. (PDF)

"Worldspace in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Ridley Scott's Blade Runner : From Romantic Nature to Artificiality." by Evan Wendel. (PDF)

"Text, Performance, and Politics: The Offstage Bodies of Antigone and The Island ." by Amanda Finkelberg. (PDF)

Final Project

"A History of the World in Hypertext Pages." by Evan Wendel.


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