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Challenges in Representation: War, the State, the Past, the Other
1Introductions: Textual Analysis Using Dickinson and ShakespeareSelf-assessment: where you are starting from, plus the questionnaire
2Discussion of Henry V: Text, Image, and Performance
3Discussion of Henry V: Film, Contexts

Patterson, Annabel. "Back by Popular Demand."

Peter Donaldson, from Shakespearean Films/Shakespearean Directors.

4Discussion of Othello
5Othello and Cross-medial, Cross-temporal AdaptationDawson, Anthony. "Performance and Participation: Desdemona, Foucault, and the Actor's Body."3-page close reading due
6Discussion of The Island

Wilder, Dennis. "Athol Fugard." Introduction.

Wertheim, Albert. "'Acting' Against Apartheid."

7Discuss Theatre; Reports
8Reports and Reflections
9"Joebell and America"3-page annotated bibliography due
Challenges in Representation: Mad Science, Imagined Worlds
11Frankenstein (cont.)

Hoeveler, Diane Long. "Frankenstein: Feminism and Literary Theory."

Levine, George. The Ambiguous Heritage of Frankenstein.

Clayton, Jay. "Frankenstein's Futurity: Replicants and Robots."

12Discussion of the Epic and the SublimeMidterm meditation, including textual citations and self-reflection: 5 pages maximum
13His Dark Materials
14British Radio/Recorded ComedyComparative essay précis due (one page)

Comedy and Fantasy

His Dark Materials (cont.)

DiBattista, Maria. "Female Rampant: His Girl Friday."
16His Dark Materials (cont.)
17The Musical, Dance, Song
Challenges in Representation: Love and The World Unraveling
18Attend Prof. Edward Turk's Class for Further Discussion with Rambert and Moran10-page comparative close analysis essay due
19A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters
20A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters (cont.)
21Possible Guest Speaker
22Gericault, Paintings
23My Son, the FanaticFinal project presentations
24My Son, the Fanatic (cont.)Final project presentations
25"After great pain," Where are We?

"The Blank Page"


Self-assesssment: where you have arrived (4 pages maximum)


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