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  • Making the Transition to Graduate School
  • Posted By:
  • George M
  • Posted On:
  • 04-Apr-2009
  • Congratulations! You’ve decided to further your undergraduate degree with a graduate degree, and now comes the schooling. Whatever you’ve decided to focus your studies on as a graduate, it can be a bit bewildering on handling the transition from undergraduate school to graduate school. It is a whole new ball game. So, how do you best approach it? Here are the best tips on making a successful transition from one to the other:

    1. Take Initiative: One of the most glaringly significant differences between undergraduate learning and that of graduate schooling is that there is no one to guide you through your time there. In college, typically you have a set group of courses to choose from, a schedule to follow, and the like; but in graduate school, there is no close guidance from professors and advisors. It is your job to take initiative and find out everything there is to know about your opportunities and responsibilities while there.

    2. Budget Time: In graduate school, there is a lot more other school-related activities that with classes, can consume a graduate student. These include related lectures, seminars, research, and hands-on work programs. While all of these are important and crucial to optimizing the learning you experience while there, it is also necessary to balance this work with some play. By doing so, you will not only be able to fully enjoy your graduate school experience, but also clear your mind in order to work more productively. It is always a balance of work and play.

    3. Stay Motivated: As an undergraduate, you may have found that even if you were not entirely motivated by your learning experience while there, you were able to pull off good grades and the like; however, in graduate school, you must be more serious about what you learn and how you approach it-because there is more at stake now. Staying motivated while attending graduate school is key to successful learning and subsequent graduation and career placement. Do not take your time there for granted.


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