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Is HigherEdSpace free?
Our basic account is free. With the free basic account, you can use almost every section of our website, including post news, events, messages, comments, questions / answers, classified ads, polls, and resource information; create your profiles, groups, blogs, wikis; view other member's basic profiles; search and apply for jobs; connect with other members and professionals.

Is my information confidential?
Users can control how much information and what information to be seen by others. Your connections and premium members in your network may view your full profile. Other members can see a limited view of your profile, which is on your public profile including only your name, state, country, and your network if available. Your email address will not be shown to other members unless you change your privacy settings.

If you prefer, you can set up a display name and a screen name. If you set a display name, your display name will be shown as your identity on your public profile, and on your postings and comments. In addition, to further protect your privacy, you may set up a screen name and use it for certain sections such as Forums, Answers, Resource, etc. Postings with screen names will not be linked to your profile page. You can go to "Account Settings" and then "Privacy Setting" to set your display name and / or screen name.

Why didn’t I receive the confirmation code?
You will need to confirm your account in order to use some of our services. A confirmation code is sent to your email after you completed your registration. If you did not receive your confirmation code, please do (1) go to “Account Setting” and see if your email address is correct. If it was incorrect, please change your email address and the confirmation code will be sent to your new email address; (2) check your “Spam”, “Junk”, “Bulk” email folders. Sometimes, our emails may be delivered to these email boxes.

Why can’t I see my new postings on your site?
To ensure the quality of content on our website, some newly added postings such as “college”, “grad programs”, “courses”, “jobs”, “news”, “events” and “resources” require our review and approval. If your listing is not approved within 1 business day, please contact us.

How do I contact or connect with other members if we can not see each other's email?
Members can send message to each other through our internal message system. You will see a link "Send Message" on members' profile pages. You can also request to connect with other members. If the member agrees to be connected with you, he or she will become one of your connections.

How do I recommend a member?
In community, members can recommend each other. For instance, a professor (or an employer) can recommend a student (or an employee) to help their job hunting; a student can also recommend a professor for the courses he or she is teaching. To recommend a member, follow the link "Recommend this member" on the member's profile page.

How do we use for our team project?
If you are working on a team project, you can create a "Group" for your team which your team members can join. Your group can create a group "wiki" and all team members can contribute to it. You can set your group wiki to be editable and viewable by your group members only if you prefer. Each group will also have a group forum.

I was a student when I signed up. Now I've graduated and work at a University. How do I change my account type?
If you initially signed up an account as "Student" and you need to change your account as "Higher Ed Professional", you can change your account type under your account settings. Login to your account and go to "Account Settings" to change your account type from "Student" to "Higher Ed Professional" or another account type.

I posted an ad with Featured listing. Why doesn't my listing appear in the Featured section?
If you ordered our premium service such as Featured listing service, the premium service will be activated once we've received and confirmed your payment.

What will I get with a Premium Membership?
In addition to enjoy all the benefits with our free basic accounts, you can upgrade to become a Premium Member in a school network of your choice. With your Premium Membership, you will be able to view full profiles of members in that school network. You can upgrade to be a Premium Member in as many school netwoks as you like. The Premium Membership fee for a particular school network varies depending on the number of members in the school network.

How do I contact staff if I have other questions?
You can contact our team through our Contact page.

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