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Higher Ed Space® (or is an online portal and social networking site for higher education community. Our audience includes prospective and current college / graduate students, career seekers, school administrators, course instructors / professors, service providers, employers and other interested individuals. is an ideal place to market your institution programs, courses and other related services, and recruit students and employees.

We offer Featured listings on most sections of our website. To attract more visitors, you can feature your school programs, courses, jobs, events, polls on the top section which will always stay above other free listings .

Advertisement placement is available to specific sections or run of networks. We are also flexible in running your ads on our website with different ad form and placement such as standard banners, skyscrapers, and text links. We also accept sponsorship in our email newsletters as well as we can do the email campaign to send your program and course information to those members who have accepted to receive such information.

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