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  • Higher Education is no longer a luxury in the United States
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  • 04-Apr-2016
  • Higher Education in the United States has always been a preferred choice for many international students. Though the education has been a costly affair, the Obama Administration has put forward multiple proposals which can ensure that higher education is accessible to all sections and classes of society.

    This administration wants to make sure that the students are able to complete their education and also pursue the careers of their choice without being burdened by student loans or any other such problems. \

    The Few changes made by the Obama Administration

    1. The College Scorecard tools and the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet by this administration have made it possible for the students and families to make informed decisions due to the transparency in the education system. This enables the students to make a choice of the school which works well where their career is concerned besides also looks into the affordability factor.

    2. There are certain regulations which have been proposed by this administration for recognizing and also rewarding the programs for teacher preparation. These programs should ensure quality. These programs need to be accountable so that there are the required improvements. The outcomes of these programs need to be transparent.

    3. The federal student aid programs will stress on the students completing their education on time, keeping the ‘requirement’ factor in focus.

    4. Colleges which have been able to enroll and graduate more students from the lower income on time via the Bonus of the College Opportunity and Graduation are rewarded by the Obama Administration. These colleges are provided federal aid which is based in the campus itself.

    5. The ACP will encourage reforms to complete college education and the states will be encouraged to invest in the higher education besides funding colleges which have the required outcomes on student performance.

    6. The Obama Administration has been able to put a stop to the federal aid to those colleges where the programs offered are considered low-performing for future careers. These types of colleges tend to leave the students in debts which they are unable to repay due to limited opportunities in their careers.

    7. The America’s College Promise,or the ACP encourages community colleges and, by being able to adopt reforms makes sure that there is an increase in the students graduating. The outcome of the students is improved by these reforms which are innovative and based on evidence.

    Education a priority with the Obama Adminsitartion

    Going through the above intended changes by this administration it is obvious that the Obama Administration is  taking all steps to ensure that there are more students enrolling, graduating and finding a career which is suitable for their course. Higher education will no longer be a luxury, afforded only by the wealthy, but will become accessible to all sections of society.

    This will work out as a valuable investment for Americans and also International Students. The administration along with the co-operations of the universities and colleges will offer every opportunity for the students to complete their education.


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