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HigherEdSpace.com - A college portal and social network with admission, recruitment and e-learning platforms in higher education community.

Build Academic and Professional Networks:

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HigherEdSpace.com is a college portal and social networking site for higher education community. It provides an online platform to connnect students, school administrators, admission officers, professors, and employers. Creating an academic and professional profile on HigherEdSpace.com is an excellent way for branding and marketing yourself and your schools.

For prospective students, create your profile and get connected with the admission officers / college recruiters. If you are looking for a job, create your professional profile and have other professionals write recommendations for you. Those recommendations will be available on your profile. Your profile can be used as your resume to apply for a job. By creating your professional profile, it will also help recruiters and employers find you, which will help get a job offer. If you are an admission officer or recruiter, creating your profile will help market your schools / organizations. On your profile, you can link to your personal or organization's website. You can also control how much information and what information of your profile can be viewed by others. So you can create a public or private profile.

Example member profiles:
Michael Steger, Communications Manager, Michigan State University
Paul Heller, Immigration Attorney, California, USA.

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For Students (both current and prospective students)
  • Prepare for Admissions
  • Contact Admission Officers
  • Search Schools & Scholarships
  • Find Course Info & Professors
  • Join Course / Study Groups
  • Connect with Professionals
  • Graduating? Find a Job

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For Higher Ed Professional (Faculty, Staff, Admission Officers, University HR)
  • Recruit Students & Employees
  • Promote Programs & Courses
  • Increase Enrollments
  • Share Teaching Ideas
  • Discuss HigherEd Issues
  • In Touch with Colleagues
  • Connect with Students

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For Employers and Recruiters:
  • Advertise Your Positions
  • Find Qualified Candidates
  • Receive Referrals
  • Share Your Expertise
  • In Touch with Alumni
  • Connect with HR Professionals
  • Discuss HigherEd & HR issues

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For Others (Higher Ed Friends):
  • Connect with Alumni
  • Make Friends
  • Share Information
  • Look for New Opportunities
  • Upgrade Your Education
  • Get Involved in HigherEd
  • Provide Service to HigherEd

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