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Due dates are shown for all of the course assignments, including the preparation of cases, group problem sets, take-home midterm exam, and group projects. A description of the group project, including examples of student work, is available on the projects page.

Some assignments refer to the course textbook, which is Baker, Kenneth R., Optimization: A Spreadsheet-Based Approach, Duxbury Press, 2003.

11Introduction and Overview
2LP (Linear Programming) - Introduction, Formulations and Geometry
3LP (Linear Programming) - ExamplePrepare Red Brand
24Networks - Introduction
5LP (Linear Programming) - ExamplePrepare Filatoi Riuniti
TutorialGroup Problem Set 1: LP (Linear Programming) (PDF)
36LP (Linear Programming) - Example: Tony Palumbo, FordPrepare Ford Case
7LP (Linear Programming) - Solution Methods and Sensitivity Analysis
TutorialGroup Problem Set 2: LP (Linear Programming) (PDF)
48Integer Programming - FormulationsMid Term Due
9Integer Programming - Algorithms
10Integer Programming - HeuristicsPrepare TSP Challenge
TutorialGroup Problem Set 3: LP (Linear Programming) & Networks (PDF)
511Debriefing of Inventory Simulation (with 15.761)
12Stochastic LP (Linear Programming)Prepare Red Brand (B)
13Optimization in Practice: John Bean, Intel
TutorialGroup Problem Set 4: ILP (PDF)
Group Meeting with Instructor (between Sessions 13-14)
614Introduction, Simulation Process and Stochastic ModelingPrepare Questions 1 to 3 in ClearPicture
15Monte-Carlo Theory and Examples (with Crystal Ball®)Probability/Statistics Review 1 Checklist
Tutorial: Monte-Carlo Modeling and Crystal Ball® TutorialBook Report Due (PDF)

Group Problem Set 5 (PDF)
716Ontario Gateway Case DiscussionOntario Gateway Case Write-Up
17Discrete - Event Framework and Examples (with SIMUL8®)Implement ClearPictures in SIMUL8®

Question 5 in ClearPictures, Inc.
18Theory of Constraints (Joint Session with 15.761)Group Project Proposal
Tutorial: Discrete-Event Modeling and SIMUL8® TutorialGroup Problem Set 6
819Discrete-Event Case DiscussionHuman Genome Case Write-Up (Discrete Event Case)
20Experimental Design and Simulation AnalysisProbability/Statistics Review 2 Checklist
21Advanced Modeling, Simulation-Based Optimization
Tutorial: Experimental Design and Simulation Analysis TutorialGroup Problem Set 7
922Non Linear Programming - Formulations
23NLP (Non Linear Programming) - Examples and AlgorithmsPrepare Apollo Paper Company
1024Project PresentationsGroup Projects
25Project PresentationsGroup Projects
26Project Presentations and Class SummaryGroup Projects
TutorialGroup Problem Set 8: NLP (Non Linear Programming)

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