Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology: The Brain and Cognitive Sciences III >> Content Detail




Two sessions / week
3 hours / session

Class Description

Subject covers all major areas of cellular and molecular neurobiology including excitable cells and membranes, ion channels and receptors, synaptic transmission, cell type determination, axon guidance and targeting, neuronal cell biology, synapse formation and plasticity. Includes lectures and exams, and involves presentation and discussion of primary literature. Focus on major concepts and recent advances in experimental neuroscience.

Paper presentations

Each student will present two papers to the class during the semester. The readings listed in the assignments section provide topics and background information for the presentations.

In preparation for their presentations, students must have read additional background articles on their selected topics, beyond the required readings. Everyone in the class is urged to do the background readings in order to facilitate group discussion.


Midterm exam

Final exam



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