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Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes

2Fundamentals of Dirac-Notation Quantum Mechanics(PDF)
3Fundamentals of Dirac-Notation Quantum Mechanics (cont.)(PDF)
4Quantum Harmonic Oscillator(PDF)
5Quantum Harmonic Oscillator (cont.)(PDF)
6Quantum Harmonic Oscillator (cont.)(PDF)
7Quantum Harmonic Oscillator (cont.)(PDF)
8Quantum Harmonic Oscillator (cont.)

Single-Mode Photodetection
9Single-Mode Photodetection (cont.)(PDF)
10Single-Mode Photodetection (cont.)(PDF)
11Single-Mode Photodetection (cont.)

Single-Mode Linear Systems
12Single-Mode and Two-Mode Linear Systems(PDF)
13Two Mode Linear Systems (cont.)

Four-Mode Quantum Systems
15Teleportation (cont.)(PDF)
16Quantum Cryptography(PDF)
17Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field(PDF)
18Continuous-Time Photodetection(PDF)
19Continuous-Time Photodetection (cont.)(PDF)
20Continuous-Time Photodetection (cont.)

Nonlinear Optics of X(2) Interactions
21Nonlinear Optics of X(2) Interactions (cont.)(PDF)
22Quantum Signatures from Parametric Interactions(PDF)
23More Quantum Optical Applications(PDF)


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