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6.011 and 18.06

Subject Organization

There will be no text. Supplementary references for lecture material are provided in the readings section. There will be regular problem sets, and an in-class mid-term quiz, but there will not be a final examination. A term paper will be required. To assist in choosing term paper topics, a list of possibilities (with references) is provided in the projects section.

Subject Outline

I. Quantum Optics

  • Dirac-Notation Quantum Mechanics
  • Harmonic Oscillator Quantization
  • Number States, Coherent States, and Squeezed States
  • P-representation and Classical Fields

II. Single-Mode and Two-Mode Quantum Systems

  • Direct, Homodyne, and Heterodyne Detection
  • Linear Propagation Loss
  • Phase Insensitive and Phase Sensitive Amplifiers
  • Entanglement and Teleportation

III. Multi-Mode Quantum Systems

  • Field Quantization
  • Quantum Photodetection

IV. Nonlinear Optics

  • Phase-matched Interactions
  • Optical Parametric Amplifiers
  • Generation of Squeezed States, Photon-twin Beams, Non-classical Fourth-order Interference, and Polarization Entanglement

V. Quantum Systems Theory

  • Optimum Binary Detection
  • Quantum Precision Measurements
  • Quantum Cryptography


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